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  Note- I have used a format of audio that I feel gives the best quality of sound versus the size of the file.  If you would like copies of these sermons on a cd in this format or in another format (i.e. *wav), then feel free to email me and I will be happy to supply your needs.
Unless noted otherwise, all sermons by Dale Smelser.

NOTE:  In the future, online recordings will be archived at this link here.

The Value of What Costs Nothing

Our Passover Blessing

Stand Fast

A Child Is Born

A Great Sermon

Amazing Grace

Bring the Book

Company and Consequences

Jesus of Nazareth

Justice in Judgement

Paul and the Gospel

People of God - Chris Forney

Praying in Vain

Professing Themselves To Be Wise- They Became Fools

Repentance- A Universal Command

The Beginning

The States of Man

Why Ruth

Would I Had Died

Understanding Faith

A Man of Authority

Finish That Race

Access To God

Good Works

1 Corithians 15 - Tom Dixon

Challenging Requirements

The Church's Image

Living By Faith

The Test of Faith

The Mark of the Beast

An Eternal Purpose Fulfilled

The Concept of Church

Looking At the Lord's Supper - Jack Greenhouse

Evidence for Genesis in the Chinese Language



Of Fleas and Sin


Where Was Eden

First and Last

Come All Ye Laden 2

Come All Ye Laden

Be Strong 

The Secret of Contentment - Jack Greenhouse

Living the Standard - Keith Jarrett

Presumptous Sin

Historical Confirmation 2

The Good Warfare

We Are Not Alone

Both Here And There

Hold The Pattern Part 1

Hold The Pattern Part 2

How To Have Righteousness Surpassing Scribes And Pharisees - Tom Dixon

I Will Make All Things New

Jesus Answers Questions

Joyful Disciples

Let Earth Receive Her King

So, You Want To Preach?

Suffering For The Faith

The Christian Is Special

Warnings For Tough Times

What Are You Doing Here?

What Distinguishes Us From Others

Where Is God?

Can The Lord's Church Exist Today?

Am I In The Lord's Church  - Keith Jarrett

Did Jesus Have a Wife?

The Christian and His Brethren

The Love of God

Disbelieving the Miracles

Blessed In Christ - Michael White

Waiting for the Beginning

Those Who've Impressed God - Steve Derrick

These Things Jesus Did

They Have Moses and the Prophets

Fishers of Men

About Fatherhood

The Choice Between Christ and Barrabas

Falling Away

Evil Companionships

The Temptations of Christ

The Lord is my Shephard

Don't spend too much on that whistle!

Making Disciples

What is 'Faith'?

Mary Magdalene

The Beginning of Sin


Your Place in the World

Scenes of Faith, Hope, and Love

Not Yet Perfect


Is Biblical Primitivism Dead?

Science And Faith

Selective Obedience

That I May Know Christ

Catholic Misfire

Catholic Misfire Part2

How Do You Know

Bible Fellowship - John Rainey

Bless Those Who Curse You

Come And Drink

PE  - Thomas Clinton

The Church That Jesus Built

The Perfect Paradox


What God Has Done

Who Are Christians

Worship And What Passes For It

Whosoever Will


A Troubled Church

A Pregnant Passage

Fools Professing Wisdom

The Hands Of A Just And Merciful God - Jack Greenhouse

Gods Instructions to Husbands - Steve Derrick

His Way, Not Ours

Our Mission

The Early Christians

The Mission Of John The Baptist

Worshiping a Superior

The Samaritan Woman

What are Your Priorities

Predicting the Rapture

Living For Self

What Shall I Do With Jesus?

Lift Up Your Eyes

Earth Day

Mary - Floyd Chappelier

Why Not Worship GOD?

Some Great Thing

The New Covenant

Love and Fear

The Impact of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

How Seriously Do We Take Our Religion?  (by K. Jerrett)

Coming Down Out of Heaven

Order in Christ

Is Your Name Written in Heaven?  (by J. Greenhouse)

Harmful Associations

The Earth Cries to GOD

Partakers of the Divine Nature

The First Step

Has the Gospel Failed?

Such Things As You Have

Results of Being A Christian  (by J. Rainey)


Way of Man


Written To Young Men

Does God Hear A Sinner's Prayer?

Grace Made Ugly

What Makes GOD Angry?

Is One Church As Good As Another?  (by J. Rainey)

The Burden of the Cross

The Lord's Day


The Church is not.... (by D. Chance)

Religious Pride

Seek Ye First

That You May Believe

Not Many Mighty

Access to GOD

Jesus and the God of the Old Testament

Oh God, Help Me To Be

Heart of God

Experiencing Christ

Experiencing Jesus

Understanding the Scriptures

The Impact of Jesus

Religious Gestures

Forgotten Significances Of The Resurection

Now What?  How Do I Live?

The Purpose of Baptism

Called to Believe the Truth

Deceived Theologians

Christ in History

What is a "Crucifixtion"? - Tom Dixon

Oh Israel, How you turned away

What Nation Has a God So Near?

If I Wanted It, I'd Ask For It

Revelation - Shortly to come to Pass

A Judgemental God

Is God Too Harsh?

The Nearness of God

The Balance Of Life - I wish you enough

Vain Religion

The Greatest in the Kingdom

Tell No Man


Jesus as a Boy

Seek The Old Paths

Indifference, Its Causes and Effects

No Man Needs To Stay The Way He Is

Oh Israel, How Often You Turn Away

The Holy Spirit

Jesus In A Bar

Why The Antipathy?

Do you know what 'Sin' is?

A Hard Look at Sin

The Lord's Message To Us


The Last Day

Be Sanctified

God Is Faithful!

Greet One Another With a Holy Kiss

The Ruins of Pornography

What if there were no 'Religion'

Gods Mysterious Ways

I know your tribulation

Lo, I am with you ... Always

The Big Picture of the Bible (in one easy lesson)

The Corinthians - Chris Forney

The Life The Christian Lives

How Shall I Live

A Generation Who Knew Not God

The Core of Love

Whom Christ Condems

The Ways of God, are past tracing out

Justifiable Lying - Is "Lying" ever justified

The Truth About the Wise Men   The elites get it wrong, again!

Speaking Truth To Power

Lost, A Consciousness of Sin

God Requires Seperateness

(How) God Limits Human Power

Are We In The Faith? 

The Duty of Man

Asking Someone Who Answers

Lost, What Did I Lose

Big Thoughts for Little Minds   Do the elites of the world hold the answer?

The Power Of With
God's Formula for Unity - Steve Derrick

The Cross of Christ

The Paradox of Abundance

The Nature of Man   The inextricable link between Man and God.

2 Kinds of People

Devices of Satan

The Trees of John 6

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